Latera Procedure for Nasal Obstruction

A slight narrowing of the nasal passage can lead to significant reduction in airflow. Anatomic causes of nasal airway obstruction include:

  • Septal deviation The cartilage wall between the nostrils can bend and block the nasal passage.
  • Turbinate hypertrophy Ridges of bone and tissue inside the nose can limit airflow when enlarged.
  • Nasal valve collapse (NVC) Weak or excessively flexible upper/lower cartilage in the outer nasal wall may cause it to collapse inward when a person inhales.

Is Your Lateral Wall Contributing to Nasal Airway Obstruction?

If your symptoms improve using a simple breathing test called the Cottle Maneuver or use of nasal strips during normal activity and sleep, you may benefit from LATERA.

Does your breathing improve when you pull on your cheek to hold your nostril to the side? If yes, you may be a good candidate for Latera.

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Latera Procedure

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