Sinus Diagnosis

Your sinus problems are diagnosed using a thorough history and physical in our office.  This may also include a nasal endoscopy exam. This exam is performed by placing a small fiberoptic scope in the nose after numbing the nasal tissue with a spray.

ent-cs-4-woman-with-sinusA CT scan of the sinuses may also be used in diagnosis of your sinus problems. The CS 9300 in-office scanner is a state-of-the-art technology necessary to help us at the Tennessee Sinus and Snoring Center to make more accurate diagnoses and deliver treatment with unprecedented confidence. And, because we can perform all scans in our practice, patients benefit from improved convenience and faster care.

Patient safety is our practice’s number one concern. Fortunately, because the CS 9300 utilizes cone beam CT technology, patients are exposed to significantly less radiation than with conventional CT exams—without the loss of image quality. In addition, patients experience increased comfort thanks to the unit’s open-faced design, which allows you to stand, sit or remain seated in a wheelchair.

Do I Have Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining membrane of any sinus. Take the following quiz and answer either “Yes” or “No” to see if you have sinusitis.

1. Facial pressure/pain?

2. Headache pain?

3. Congestion or stuffy nose?

4. Thick, yellow-green nasal discharge?

5. Low fever (99-100°)?

6. Bad breath?

7. Pain in the upper teeth?

If you answered “Yes” to three or more of the symptoms listed above, you may have a sinus infection resulting from allergies, bacteria, or a response to fungi. An examination by the Tennessee Sinus and Snoring Center may be warranted.

Benefits at a Glancect_scanner_smaller

  • High-resolution CT scans available immediately: our providers can view anatomical structures with unprecedented detail
  • Less radiation: patient health and safety is our practice’s greatest concern
  • Comfortable positioning: the system’s open design makes exams more comfortable
  • Patient convenience: our practice can perform CT scans in house, saving you valuable time

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