Vivaer Nasal Obstruction Treatment in Nashville, TN

Nasal blockage can dramatically impact your quality of life. You may have tried treating your nasal blockage with ongoing home remedies: Neti Pots, breathing strips, nasal dilators, and sprays. Home remedies never quite fix the problem.

VivAer® Procedure Treats Nasal Blockage Without Surgery

Fortunately, there is a new effective option: the VivAer® procedure. The VivAer® procedure, performed in our office, does not require any incisions. The inside of your nose is gently treated using temperature-controlled energy with lasting results, without affecting the outward appearance of your nose.

Find out more about the VivAer® procedure and see if you are a candidate by calling our office in Brentwood, TN at 629-255-2231.

Watch This Video to Learn More

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