Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Certain symptoms can point to sleep apnea, but to definitely identify sleep apnea requires a sleep study.

What is a Sleep Study?

If sleep apnea is suspected, you may be scheduled for a type of sleep test called a polysomnogram, or polysomnography (PSG). A PSG may be performed at a sleep center or at home (HST) depending on the severity of your symptoms and depending on what your insurance requires. During these overnight tests, you are measured for apneas (pauses in your breathing), oxygen levels, snoring, brain function, heart function, and leg movements among other things. If the apnea is more than just mild, you may be asked to go for a second night sleep study to determine how much pressure on a CPAP machine is required to overcome your collapse. These studies are essential in determining the potential severity of your snoring and sleep apnea as well as determining your potential treatment plan. Insurance companies frequently require sleep studies in order for you to be covered for your treatment.

If you have already received a sleep study please obtain the study or have it faxed to the office prior to your visit, if possible.

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