Propel Sinus Stent

propel-sinus-stent-1The PROPEL system has been clinically proven to prevent obstruction of the ethmoid sinus following surgery. The result is improved post-operative outcomes, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures such as adhesion lysis and systemic steroids.


PROPEL is a relatively new technology that can be used as an adjunt to one of the above procedures. It is clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes for chronic sinusitis sufferers.

When placed in the sinus following surgery, PROPEL decreases scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as oral steroids and their potential side effects1.

The spring-like PROPEL implant props open the ethmoid sinus to maintain the surgical opening, delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus lining, and then dissolves, avoiding the need for removal.


Before surgery, be sure that you have realistic expectations for the results, recovery, and postoperative care. Sinus surgery is not an ‘end result’. But rather, it is part of the treatment process. It allows for improved airflow and mucus flow which enables better drainage of the sinuses and facilitation of more effective topical drug penetration into the sinuses. Good results require not only good surgical techniques, but a cooperative effort between the patient and physician throughout the healing process. It is equally important for patients to follow pre- and postoperative instructions.


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